And the men said “Aye!”

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Guess what?

I told some male friends that this new blog will be dedicated to having more Happy Women at Work, Happy Women at Home; here are some responses.

“Good! Where can I find one?”
“That definitely sounds better than a grumpy woman”

In fact, if you are in a relationship, do you know what truly makes your man happy?

It makes him happy to know that you are happy, and even more so to know that he has been responsible for it. It makes him feel like king, and it makes him want to do it more.

Isn’t this cool? By nurturing yourself and your happiness, you are creating a positive spiral for the people around you.

So men, if you are reading this and you agree too, do me a favour and say “Aye” by clicking Like below.

A useful tip: Sometimes the ladies just need to hear you say it to believe it!

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