“Believe” – A Poem on Miracles

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Over these last two months I started praying.

It has been a defining period – a series of emotionally-charged negotiations, necessary introspections, tough decisions, and humbling moments.

I prayed for many things. Amongst all, I prayed for miracles.

And my prayers were answered! A solution was found – one which helped all the parties involved to move forward in a powerful way.

This week’s post is a poem that was inspired by the experience of going through such a process and the gratitude of having miracles at work.

May you find in it something that resonates with your own experiences; something that arouses; or something that uplifts.

Wishing you much love and abundance!

Photo credit: SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats

Photo credit: RetreatsInSedona.com


“Believe” – A Poem on Miracles

In the longest and darkest tunnels,
Where Light seems like an elusive concept of the past,
Let hope and faith be your lamp.
You left Control at the entrance,
Something better awaits at the exit.
Be present.
Listen. Keep on walking.

You walk, you stumble, you got hurt.
That’s ok.
You are discovering new tracks,
Your muscles are being rebuilt.
Inch by inch, your layers are peeled and polished
Be strong.
Your radiance is awaiting.

Travelers come, travelers pass.
Some brought gifts and some brought lessons.
Some came gentle, some came stormy.
Welcomed or not, they’re all for you.
Uncross your arms… embrace.
Be Love.
Because your love transforms, even the stiffest of hearts.

The dark grows darker, travelers fade.
Broken open. Weeping. Nothing left.
On your knees, you bowed in prayers,
Asking for guidance and trusting in miracles.
“Do you hear me?”
You are loved and supported.

The air lifted and the tunnel opened.
A dove came into vision, beckoning you to follow.
Senses reawakened, spirits soared.
Light returned, first a tiny speck and then a burst of colours.
You ran towards freedom and dived into your new world.
Be renewed.
Breathe. Live it!

— Huimin Hurry

What is Miracle to you? Share your thoughts with us below!

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