Mikael Lark“Huimin was referred to me by a friend in a similar situation – looking to realign what is important in life and embarking on a self-developing journey to find purpose and passion to live more meaningfully. Coming to the first session I was fairly assertive, since I appreciate top quality in everything I am involved in.

I wasn’t disappointed. What helped me the most was having structure in my weeks through specific techniques handy for exploring myself, putting theory into practice and then going through the results with a peer who has experience of such things in beforehand.

My journey has only just begun, but the limited six sessions we had time to have together, I managed to find a positive outlook on life – smiling when I wake up, finding more peace with myself which then reflects onto others around me, understanding several of my personal passions and mapping concrete steps to change my life so that I’m more involved in these things. I have ideas now of what I want to do with my life, and what makes me happy – now it’s up to me to execute on these ideas and continue to learn more about myself.

Every week I was very much looking forward to our sessions, since our discussion was vibrant, motivating and resulted in me leaving the room with new positive energy and eagerness to improve. Huimin also goes the extra mile to find additional material outside our sessions for me to study and shows true affection and caring towards her clients.

One of the best investments of time and money I’ve made to date.”

Mikael Lark, entrepreneur (

“I was looking for a way to change some things in my life and a friend suggested that I should see a coach. She also recommended Huimin.

When we started our sessions I didn’t really know what to expect. Huimin was very professional and helped me visualize my goals. During the process she encouraged me to challenge myself to go beyond my comfort zone. She was supportive, but also demanding in a good way. I felt that she wanted me to succeed.

Through my sessions with Huimin I was able to change some of my old habits. I try to be more spontaneous and outgoing than before. One of the most important insights I gained, is that one step towards learning to love myself is accepting who I am and also all the things I am not. Thank you, Huimin!”

Susanna Rosenback, doctor

 “‎Huimin helped us to think deeper about our relationship, and how to make the communication between us more efficient. Since then, it is much more easy for me and my boyfriend to solve the problem and understand each other. Thank you so much, Huimin, I hope more people could benefit from your work.”

“You showed me many valuable ideas of how to make conversation and relationship in a sustainable way”

Kang Manli, HR specialist

“I am very thankful for the help I got from Huimin. She helped me to find focus and better ways to prioritise my tasks and take care of them in my daily life as an entrepreneur. I liked working with Huimin as she has a very friendly approach and still manages to get more out of me and help me push myself all the time without me feeling uncomfortable.

I have gotten sustainable results and now manage to better plan and execute my plans in my daily life. I used to believe that anything is possible in theory and now I can also see how this is possible to achieve in practice. You just need to find your way and start executing! This has been the biggest learning during and after the time working with Huimin.”

Robin Seege, entrepreneur

“I have strong sense of purpose in life and a giant objectives aligned with that. However, while I had made significant progress in the last few years, I always felt a strong need for an external help who could assist in clarifying my objectives as well as work with me on my actions. I know about the power of coaching and wanted it but I was oblivious of the proximity of a great coach. Huimin made me understand.

Over a period of 5 months, I developed a very strong trust relationship with Huimin working towards a few objectives. During this period, I completed a non-executive investment in a jointly owned company and managed to co-found a social enterprise aimed at developing entrepreneurs in developing economies. Most importantly for me is the transformation of a few lifestyle I had struggled with into habits. Some of these include consistency with my physical and mental exercise which I was able to factor into my daily routines. Similarly, Huimin worked with me on something I will coin “developing emotional stability” to the events of everyday life.

I think second to none in a coaching relationship is that both parties believe in each other and for me, it was my single most important criteria. Huimin demonstrated confidence in me and my ambitions at every interaction we had. For someone with my personality type, accountability is also an important factor and Huimin was always there to follow up and confirm if the planned action has been done or not.

My experience working with Huimin was definitely worth it.”

Joseph Oladimeji, entrepreneur

Viviann Seege“I had the pleasure of having Huimin as my coach for six months. During that time I feel like I made great progress while working on myself.

Huimin has a gentle tranquility about her. She is very precise and logical and has good intuition. Many times I had the feeling that I was just rambling on and on – and she was able to pinpoint the keywords to what I was really talking about. I feel more centered and take more responsibility in many areas of my life as a result of Huimin’s coaching. I also took a huge step forward with my current writing project, which served as icing on the cake after my sessions with Huimin. All in all I learnt to see my own strengths by showing vulnerability and I now feel at peace with myself and my surroundings.”

Viviann Seege, yoga teacher and physiotherapist

“I am a professional life coach as well, thus I know many techniques and coaching ‘procedures’. Huimin has the incredible gift of not following those and fitting you in a structure, but to dance with you and pick whats the most appropriate in that very moment. I like to talk a lot and she has been able to bring me back on track when I got lost in my own thoughts and words. My initial struggle was the direction and the structure of my business and getting things done (so get practical). I had a blurry vision where I was going and during the coaching process it was getting clearer and clearer. Here I am writing this right now having my webpage done together with the visual identity of my business, with courses and workshops running. It helped me to bring new beliefs on a table, which are now pillars of who I am now and how I do things. Most importantly, I´ve become more aware of who I am, if I am happy with who I am, and if not, what I want to do about it.

If you search for support and challenge in whatever you go through in your life, hiring Huimin is definitely the right choice.”

Andrea Bajnoková, life coach (

“I wanted to have a coach because I wasn’t sure how to prioritize what I should be focusing on mostly in my professional life. A friend of mine recommended Huimin and I thought that, okay, a personal coach, I could try that.

From the first meeting I noticed that Huimin is exceptional with people. Probably the best that I’ve ever seen, and I’ve met a lot of people. She’s a great listener and she also knows how to ask the right (and difficult) questions – and really importantly, you really can’t bullshit her, she’ll seek for the truth :). She also gave me homework, so the coaching didn’t end only in the one hour long -sessions.

A lot of things have changed for me, and definitely for the better. My life in general has improved, and I’m doing things (e.g. entrepreneurship) that I knew I would like to do but didn’t know how to achieve. It’s hard to say what Huimin’s role was in the change, because in the end the only person who can make the change is the one looking back from the mirror, but definitely Huimin played a part in developing my life for the better. I can easily recommend Huimin, without a doubt.

If you’re struggling with your life goals in general, it’s really important to have a good peer group/coach. It’ll make you look at the things clearer.”

Mauri Paavola, project manager and entrepreneur

“I met Huimin to prepare for a specific challenging business negotiation. With Huimin’s help I understood which are my priorities and how I can hold on to my own principles during the forthcoming conversation.

It was astonishing to see how the business meeting went just as we had planned it with Huimin. Not only did I succeed in my goals in this specific business meeting, the process also clarified my focus, strengthened my self-confidence as an entrepreneur and helped me understand how I need to see myself in similar situations.

I warmly recommend Huimin.”

Miisa Helenius, entreprenur

“My meeting with Huimin was highly inspirational. She is such a warm person and full of contagious positive energy. Huimin is amazing at helping to formulate vague thoughts into concrete plans in a confidence-increasing manner. I am certain that the discussions with Huimin will be extremely beneficial in different areas of my life for many years to come.”
– H.L., Oral Health and Environmental Health Specialist

“Huimin was able to quickly understand what my present needs are and how to address them. I particularly enjoyed the visual images she suggested in order to grasp my situation and make unnecessary concerns disappear.”
– C.F., Designer

“It has been really an amazing experience. I’ve learned so much in just an hour. Definitely a very special journey. Thanks Huimin for everything!”
– Serena Chan

“Thank you Huimin for your time with me. After talking with you I understood better my relationships, not just with people but with things I do and with things I believe in.”
– Laura Tynninen

“Huimin’s warm presence is comforting and encouraging. Sharing a story goes naturally with her. It was a fun as well as insightful experience!”
– Emilia Koistinen

“Huimin is changing lives, one story at the time. She is really special. We are very lucky to have her close. I totally recommend her!”
– Fabricio Puerto

“It was fun… I mean really… made me re-think every single step i made so far. It’s amusing how an hour could really make a difference. You go gurl… .and I highly recommend this!”
– Selam Kebede

“Really heartwarming conversation with Huimin. It’s a true gift sharing a part of your existence with such a ‘full of life’ and authentic person. Thanks Huimin for all the positive energy you spread everywhere around you!”
– Amir Al-Majdalawi

“Oh, I had such an inspiring discussion yesterday with Huimin. It made me think about the choices I have done and my stage of happiness at the moment. For me, this discussion was an empowering starting point of a new attitude toward my life. Thanks Huimin for the time and ideas!”
– Reetta Laaksonen

“There was something about our talks that gave me a sense of relief and somehow I felt relaxed. When I went to work I could see that my uplifted spirit brought some joy for the guests too. Huimin you have the ability to spread happiness, a contagious one :)))”
– Siddhesh Krishnan