Understanding Your True Purpose Through the Law of Precession

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I have had many conversations over the last month with people who are looking to connect with their purpose and create their ideal work and lifestyle. Though these people are based in different parts of the world and with different backgrounds, I am struck by how there is one common persistent question in almost every one of them.

How do I know if this is my true purpose?

And the underlying fear: What if I move in this direction, and it is not the right one?

This is a critical question which we all face at some point. For many of us, we will face it again and again as we progress in our life journeys.

To help you through this, I am sharing with you the Law of Precession, the knowledge of which has been life-changing and has guided me in many of my deepest transitions.

Law of Precession

The Law of Precession is defined by the late Dr. Buckminster Fuller, commonly known as Bucky, as the effect of bodies in motion on other bodies in motion.

People who studied Bucky’s work are blown away by him, and I can’t talk about this law without first introducing this amazing man to you.

He was an architect, engineer, inventor, mathematician, philosopher, designer, scientist, futurist, teacher, father, and husband. He published more than 35 books, and is widely known for coining the term “Spaceship Earth“ and developing architectural designs like the geodesic dome.

Beyond all this, I admire him for his commitment to explore a life of integrity in everything he does. He demonstrated that our fulfillment, prosperity and legacy lies in doing work that is aligned with our own truths and for the highest good of all.

Back to the Law of Precession; it simply states that for every action we take, there will be a side effect arising at 90 degrees to the line of our action.

Let me illustrate this to you with two examples from nature.

“The Sun and the Earth are both bodies in motion. Despite the 180 degree gravitational pull of the in-motion Sun upon the in-motion Earth, precession makes Earth orbit around the Sun in a direction that is at ninety degrees- i.e., at a right angle-to the direction of the Sun’s gravitational pull.” Critical Path, by Buckminster Fuller.

Bucky’s favourite example is that of the honey bee. As intelligent human beings, we are aware of the importance of honey bees to our ecosystem and much research has been documented about this. If they become extinct, mankind will soon follow. Their purpose in this world is cross-pollination and the sustenance of life on earth.

Do you think they went about with their daily business blissfully aware of that purpose and driven to save the world? No! They were only drawn towards their honey. However, as they moved from flower to flower, their body and legs ‘accidentally’ gathered pollen which then resulted in cross-pollination and fertilization.

As a precessional effect of following their inner impulse, they unknowingly fulfilled their true purpose.

Honey bee true purpose

Your True Purpose

What does this tell you about discovering your true purpose?

It tells me that it is ok not to have full clarity now. As long as I follow the right signals and consistently act on them, the precessional effects will follow and my true purpose will take shape in time.

You will gain more clarity and confidence as you move. Do not let the lack of clarity stop you from moving forward.

And now the other big question is, how do you know which signals to follow?

This is a tricky one because there is no formula for it; you have to learn to listen to yourself. Learn to understand your soul’s language. Our soul speaks to us not from the mind but from the heart.

It has been tough for me to learn to listen to myself and to trust what I am hearing, because I have been so used to operating from the mind-space and running around in my thoughts. It felt safe to make decisions based on what I can analyze and rationalize.

It took me a long time to slowly let go of control and to learn to trust that which is coming from the heart. I am still learning.

You will know that it is a signal you should follow when it feels right, and it keeps coming back no matter how you try to push it away or shove it under the carpet.

It will also come with a good dose of fear as it requires you to venture into unknown territory and to change certain ways about yourself. Like a snake shedding off its old skin.

You will face limitations – money or the lack of, people who care for you, circumstances that seem to be hard now, your own confidence and runaway thoughts. This is part of the package of stepping up and breaking free from your old patterns.

And most people stop at the limitations and resistance! They stop because they don’t know the ‘how’ of making it happen and it feels risky to proceed without that certainty.

If it feels right to you in your heart and you know that you have to listen to it, then find a way. Get out of your box and come up with new possibilities to get you moving.

You do not necessarily have to figure out or know the complete ‘how’ of getting to where you want to go. Being true to yourself means letting go of the need to control and trusting the process as it reveals itself.

You will know when something is meant for you in that particular time of your life, and your motion will set into motion the necessary.

Bucky believed that our job was not to make money. It was to add value to others. As long as we dedicated ourselves to creating value for others and to benefit the world, prosperity and fulfillment will follow.

Your true purpose is not set in some ancient stone in the desert waiting for you to discover. Go co-create and shape it by consistently moving towards what you feel called to.

It is worth it!

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