What Becoming a Mother Taught Me About People

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This is an article for Huffington Post which never got published.

The founder of Huffington Post and a woman I greatly admire, Arianna Huffington, was in town last month for a business event. I had been reading her book Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder; and Mr Hurry decided that he would bring my book for her to autograph. When I got the book back, it was autographed and tucked between the pages was her business card.

“Now you are one connection away from your author”, he grinned. “Write to her.”

“But….” My mind immediately responded with a thousand reasons why I should not write to her.
“What do I say?”
“What do I have to offer that would be of value to her?”
“She is a busy and influential person, she must get tons of emails each day.”

A few days later, I looked at her card and thought ‘why not’. There is nothing to lose from doing it. And so I wrote to thank her for signing my book (well, technically, it is her book). I also shared about how I have been incorporating some of the lessons from her book and interviews into my daily life. That’s it, a short and sweet message of appreciation.

Guess what? Arianna replied!

“Wow… this actually works!” I thought. After I had gotten over my disbelief and elation, I realized how we so often let our fears and self-talk get in the way. By ‘this actually works’, I am referring to the phenomena that when we ask, we receive; when we take action beyond our fears and doubts, we will be rewarded; when we open our minds to the greater possibilities, life’s events re-orchestrate themselves to serve that expanded consciousness.

The other wonderful part about Arianna’s reply is that she invited me to blog on the Huffpost site. I had not mentioned anything about writing or blogging, so she must have seen the link to this blog from my email signature and checked it out. What an honour!

This week’s article has been written for Huffpost. It is a story of an insight that I received in summer, shortly after I became a mother. It has not been published yet and I don’t know if it ever will, and I am hoping that my articles will be featured one day soon. Till then, I will keep writing and sharing the amazing stories with you.

Let’s hop on to this week’s story.

Realizing the miracles of life

It was a sunny autumn evening and I was out exercising. My body was feeling heavy and rusty after pregnancy and childbirth, and I felt that I needed to break some sweat and to get it breathing again. Just thirty minutes’ walk from where I live, there is a small hill which is very popular among fitness enthusiasts. You will see them dashing up the wooden steps of the hill in bright, colourful sneakers, checking their timings on their watches when they reach the top before running down for another round.

“Ah, what a luxury!” I thought as I breathed in the crisp fresh air and put my foot on the first step. Over the last months, my newborn baby, Little Hurry, has taken up permanent residence in my mind. The maternal instinct was constantly on either active or standby mode. It is now a treat to be able to focus completely on my own body, knowing that the baby is in good hands at home with daddy.

As I huffed and puffed up the steps, Little Hurry crawled into my thoughts again. So much for taking a mental break! I thought about the previous night when he was fast asleep on our bed. Gazing adoringly at the tiny bundle who was snoring gently, I touched his warm skin and could not help marveling, “what a miracle this is!” I still remember the first time I saw him through an ultrasound scan and was told that he was a mere few centimetres long. From nothing he was created; from a tiny sesame seed inside of me he became this live breathing being.

I could not have done this through my own efforts, I thought. There must be something bigger than me at work. Something that is responsible for the unfolding of this natural process of creating a human and for all other creations in nature. Something which we have many names for. A divine force which I shall here refer to as God.

For this miracle of life and growth to happen, it is clear that Little Hurry has been touched by the divine, and there is God in him.

As if on cue, as I cleared the last step and stood at the top of the hill, a cool wind kicked up and an epiphany struck me. I looked at the people dotted around the hilltop either stretching or admiring the setting sun.

“If there is God in my baby, there must be God in this person… and this person… and this person, too. Because they were created in the same way – out of nothing. And they became this amazing big breathing being. Wow, I have miracles walking around me!” I realised.

I suddenly saw that each person is special and respectable because they too were lovingly brought into this world by a mother and by the hands of God. There is that seed of divinity within all of us, all of them.

At this moment, I was flooded with a deep sense of love for everyone. I have never felt so connected to everyone before. Everyone. I felt whatever judgements I had melt away. All I could do as I walked down the hill was to look each person I passed in the eye and smile, in awe.

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