Why I’m Throwing Out The Routine For July (And Likely August Too)

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As you know, I have been building an atypical lifestyle, which includes designing my work and activities around what is most important to myself and the family.

Which means, first identifying our desired lifestyle, then wrapping the other commitments around it.

Instead of the other way round – using the margins of time left after work for the other things that matter.

In the months of July and August, we are travelling and spending time with our extended family members (on a mini adventure, I would say!).

In fact, as I am writing to you now, we have already set off. I am in the midst of soaking up the cultural richness and embracing surprises. A special and precious time!

And I wanted to give myself space to be with that.

In practice, this means that you will not be receiving the blog posts on a weekly schedule during this time.

Instead, they will come sporadically and spontaneously.

I will still be working, which means that you can reach me via email, and any virtual meetings that has been scheduled will continue as usual.

Pretty awesome, isn’t it! To be able to choose and craft life on our own terms.

Dog on holiday

Imagine no longer blaming your job, your partner, your family, your bank account, your country or your life circumstances for not having the satisfying life that you desire.

Imagine taking responsibility and being the captain of your ship.

Responsibility scares some people away, but it is also the key to your freedom.

Because YOU get to influence. YOU get to make things happen. The power lies with YOU.

It requires making a conscious decision to take leadership.

There is much I would love to discuss with you about lifestyle design, and not settling for less than what you deserve.

You deserve to experience each day fully and to feel the radiance of being on purpose.

For starters, here’s sharing a TED talk to trigger some ideas on how you can creatively redesign your work and time.

Alright, I’m off chasing rainbows over sunny beaches and licking curries off my fingers. Ciao for now!

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